The Role Of Santri In This Globalization Era

As we know that ‘Santri’ exist in a good position, awesome level of the social strata. All mankind know them that they study about many subjects of sciences such the tenet of religion, physic, chemistry, and even the technology or engineering. All people especially who live in their home town, want to live a life of ease and they also invite the Santri to be vanguard of the movement in developing this country as well as in helping the grass root education.
So, as a young generation of Islam we have to have good preparation for facing this new era that is called as a modern and globalization era. We are claimed to understand the culture, and transformation of that era self.
In this era we need any means of communication as a way for having good partner in our social intercourse. Because, it is impossible if some one does not want to have relationship with another to live any more in this world without other’s cooperation
Looking for science is not for our selves only, but also for other people. Living in this world is not alone we need other’s help, and the other need our help too. So, we have to have a good exchange one another.
Facing the free trade after Suramadu bridge become a real bridge that provides many kinds of commences and cultures might as well as we have to be skilful one for filtering the negative effects as like the culture that is not appropriate with our nation culture (religion)
Sciences lay at the first one of substances for facing the new world that called as unhampered era.
Science is many-side social enterprise that has been defined in several ways. For others, science is primary way of doing; the scientific method is seen as the most important feature.
Boarding school as usually has a point of view or perspective as well as a mission that Santri must have a good skill or acquirement especially in the religious subject.
Populist and ability of the Santri are a will of the society (as profit that they hope) and also for transforming the knowledge of them.
Agent of social control as well as social change is a main of the roles of Santri in this globalization era.


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